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IGT My Rich Uncle

IGT My Rich Uncle

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There’s only one drawback to being filthy rich – those darn gold-digging so-called “friends” and shirttail relatives just waiting for you to croak so that they can get their hands on your fortune. And that’s just what happens when Uncle Mega Bux becomes one of the dearly departed in the new My Rich Uncle video slot game by IGT. Celebrating the lowest form of greed, this 5-reel, 9-line game throws altruism right out the window as the buzzards line up for the reading of Uncle Mega Bux’s last will and testament. The maximum award is 200,000 credits is when 5 Uncle M Bucks symbols are on a payline when the maximum bet of 20 credits per line is wagered for a total bet of 180 credits . Some of the other symbols are the mansion, last will, moose head, Tropical Island, modern art, antique base, coat of arms, golf clubs, lawn mower and safe. This video slot game has two bonuses, the Will of Winnings and the Safe Bet Bonus.

When three, four, or five Will symbols land on a paid payline, this initiates the Will of Winnings bonus and out comes the lawyer to dole out the goods. After the player selects one of the hopeful beneficiaries, the game displays the item that selected character is hoping to inherit the Will. The attorney then proceeds to award Bux’s credit-laden assets.
Each time the selected character inherits something, that object’s credit value is added to the player’s bonus win. If the selected character is awarded the dream item, the slot player’s cumulative bonus credit amount is doubled! But the covetous fun doesn’t stop there – if three, four, or five Safe symbols hit in a scatter pay, the player can select one of the safes to find out what’s inside! Once a safe is opened, the slot player is awarded the safe’s bonus credit amount. To add to the game’s roguish humor, there’s plenty of petty mudslinging and, during each Will of Winnings bonus, a new and different cast of characters come out of the woodwork to collect their assumed due! What could be more fun than a bitter battle over high-priced assets and vast amounts of money? No doubt your players, as they frolic in their newly acquired wealth, will be saying, “Mine! Mine! All mine!

The Safe Bet Bonus is initiated when three, four or five scattered Safe symbols are shown anywhere on any played payline. Each of the onscreen Safe symbols has a pay amount associated with it. The player selects one of the Safe symbols and is awarded the pay amount selected. Pay amounts are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game

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