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IGT Neon Nights

IGT Neon Nights

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Welcome to the city that never sleeps ‘Las Vegas’ in this new IGT game “Neon Nights.” This game is centered around the famous Las Vegas strip with all of its glamour. This game has 9 paylines in this 3 rows and 5 columns that the slot player can bet up to 20 credits per payline and is multi-denominational. The symbols on the video reels along with its music seems like the night life of Las Vegas. Some of the symbols are champaign glass, show girl, Chef, slot machine, cherries, bar watermelon, plum, dice. . This game has 2 main bonuses: “The Vegas Bonus” and the “Fast Cash Bonus.” The Vegas Bonus has three possible bonus Club Neon Bonus,” “Lightning Lounge Bonus,” “Electric Burger Bonus.”

The first main bonus is The Vegas Bonus is initiated when three “Welcome to Las Vegas” symbols are shown on any paid payline on reels 1, 2, and 3. The screen changes where the slot player sees the three different bonuses, A “Select” button appears on the screen in which the slot player touches this “Select” button. The screen randomly pick the one of three possible bonuses, Club Neon, Lightning Lounge or Electric Burger.

The first possible bonus that could appear in the Vegas Bonus is the Club Neon Bonus. The Club Neon Bonus begins when the onscreen slot machine handle is selected by the slot player. The slot machine reels will spin and when the combination of “7 7 7” appears on the slot machine’s reels, a coin amount will be shown on the screen and then added to the bonus meter. The slot machine will continue to spin until “E N D” appears on the slot machine’s reels and the bonus is over. All of the coin values are added to the bonus meter before the “E N D” appears, then bonus meter is multiplied by the line bet and this total is awarded to the slot player.

The second possible bonus that could appear in the Vegas Bonus is the Lightning Lounge Bonus. The Lightning Lounge Bonus begins with the slot player selects one of two stars. The two stars has the word “PICK” on both. A value is randomly applied and hidden in one or both of two stars. The other star may have the word “Collect” hidden behind the and the other star. If the slot play chooses star that has a value, the slot player is awarded this value to the win meter. If the slot player selects the star that has the “Collect” behind the star, the bonus is over. The bonus rounds continues for five selections or until a selected star reveals a “Collect.” The total value in the bonus meter is multiplied by the line bet and this total is awarded to the slot player.

The third possible bonus that could appear in the Vegas Bonus is the Electric Burger Bonus. The bonus begins when the chef is selected by the slot player that is on the screen. The chef will then begin to flip burger toppings onto a bun. As each topping is added, the value is added to the bonus meter, which is then multiplied by the total line bet. If the chef flips six toppings onto the bun, the next topping will automatically be the top bun. Once the chef has flipped the top bun onto the burger, the burger is done. At this point, the slot player chooses to accept the burger or try again for a better burger. The slot player may only reject two burgers before being awarded the third burger and ending the bonus. When a burger with one of each topping is made, an “Electric Burger,” the slot player is awarded the amount for the burger plus an additional bonus amount and the bonus ends.

Fast Cash Bonus is the second main bonus and is initiated by the symbols “FAST” “CASH”, and “$” appearing on a paid payline on the screen in any position in reel 3, 4, and 5. The “$” symbol turns into a counter. The counter spins and stops, revealing the total bonus amount and is awarded to the slot player. This total bonus amount has been multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game.

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