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IGT Pharaoh's Fortune

IGT Pharaoh's Fortune

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The IGT I-Plus video slot game, Pharaoh’s Fortune, takes the avid slot player back in time when Ancient Egypt was the centerpiece of civilization of the ancient worlds, and Pharaoh reigned over the kingdom. The Land of the Pharaohs, as Ancient Egypt was called, has been the land where scholars and archeologists have investigated in diggings and excavations of tombs, pyramids, and sphinxes, so as to understand the science, religion, culture and civilization of Ancient Egypt. What makes this video slot unique is that the symbols comprising the paytable, feature exclusively, various symbols that were meaningful to the Ancient Egyptians which have been recorded in hieroglyphics on the walks of tombs and stone tablets. The Great Pyramid symbol is wild and rotates counterclockwise on the video screen and substitutes for the appropriate ancient symbols on the payline. The Egyptians crab is the symbol that iniates the scatter pay, ranging from two symbols that gives two credits times the total bet, all the way up to five symbols that gives fifty credits times the total bet Since this video slot game comprises many ancient symbols, many show up in the award paytable that makes this a fun slot game.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus comes into play when three Pharaoh Symbols land on reels one, two, and three of the played line. What occurs during the bonus sequence is that each free spin is awarded to the player of an additional bonus of three times the bonus multiplier times the iniating line bet and all free spins are automatically played on all twenty paylines at the same bet per line as during the initial play. Also, free spin line wins are multiplied by the initing line bet times the bonus multiplier, except five kings. Also, during the bonus round, additional free spins are awarded to the played when three Pharaoh’s are in any position on reels one, two, and three. What the player needs to know is that the player can win between three and twenty-five free spins and win a multiplier between one times and six times of the iniating bet. In effect, the multiplier starts at one time, while the number of bonus spins starts at three times. What is required on the part of the player is that the player needs to select a stone block of the pyramid in order to reveal a multiplier value, a free spin value, or Begin Free Spin Bonus symbol. In effect, if a multiplier value is revealed, the multiplier value will increase in increment of one times, or, if a free spin value is revealed under the block, then the number of free spins awarded to the player also is increased by on increment of one times. If, however, the Begin Free Spin Bonus is revealed, then the free spins are automatically iniated by the game. Remember, the additional number of free spins is equal to the initially awarded value, not exceeding 999 total free spins. Also, the multiplier value in the additional free spins is equal to the initial awarded multiplier and the bonus round ends when no free spins remain, or after 999 free spins has been played. Furthermore, what makes this game fun is that different reels are used during free spins and the player will look forward to different sequences of spinning reels. Furthermore, the animation of the bonus round is fun as the player enters the secret chamber of the Pharaoh’s tomb, revealing mountains of jewels, golden coins and precious stones, and the saxophone music plays in a swinging manner during all the animation sequences during the bonus round. At the end of the bonus round, the Pharaoh’s barge floats on the Nile River, revealing the total number of credits won by the player. This is a real fun swinging video slot game that is sure to please even the most discriminating player.

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