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IGT Phone Tag

IGT Phone Tag

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Tag! You’re it! Slot players will really “connect” with the this IGT video slot game Phone Tag game. This game configuration is 5-reel, 15-line theme to accept wagers up to 20 credits per line for real max bet of 300 credits excitement and player rewards. The top award is when 5 Wild Duck phone symbols land on a played payline the slot player could win 300,000 credits when the maximum bet of 300 credits was played. Some of the other symbols are; woman, robot, cellular phone, coffee dude, rotary phone, candlestick phone, wooden phone, tin can phone, gossip symbol, and rocket cellular phone. There are two bonus games, the Gossip bonus and the Call Around the World bonus.

The Call Around the World bonus is initiated when 3 or more Rocket cellular phones land on anywhere on a played payline. The slot player is awarded three to five separate bonus game symbols that spin individually within the larger, stationary reels. Each spin awards the slot player with credits or reveals a “Busy” or “No Answer” symbol. The credits that are won are tallied at the top of each active column. A “Busy” symbols has no value and redials to reveal a new symbol and credit value. The “No Answer” symbol has no value and ends the replacement of symbols for that reel. When all Call Around the World bonus symbols have changed to “No Answer” symbols, the accumulated value shown on the individual “Credits Won” meter is awarded and the bonus ends. The slot players can win from 3 to 945 credits times the total initiating line bet.

The second bonus is the Gossip bonus and this bonus round begins when three gossip symbols land on reels one, two, and three of a played payline. The screen changes where there are 1 to 12 characters who call the next character in the circle, revealing a credit value, a multiplier or some free calls. The slot player selects one of the twelve characters who calls the next character in the circle, reveling a credit value, a multiplier, or free calls. When the original character, that was selected by the slot player, who is called back, no additional bonus calls are made and the bonus ends. The accumulated credits are multiplied by the multiplier that may have appeared during the call chain, the total value is awarded and the bonus ends. The slot player can win from 30 to 8,250 credits times the initiating payline bet. Now that is something to gossip about!

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