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IGT Price Check

IGT Price Check

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This IGT video slot game will give the slot player the nuts and bolts experience with the Price Check video slots game. With a friendly counter clerk, a tool shed full of animated power equipment reel symbols, such as chainsaw, flashlight, power drill, vacuum, screwdriver, measuring tape, nuts/bolts/washers, saw, wrench, cash register and handy man. This game is a 5 reel, 20 payline game with a max bet of 400 coins. This game has 2 bonus games, the Price Check Bonus and the Handyman bonus. The top award is when 5 hammersmashed red thumb is shown on played payline with the maximum bet of 400 coins for a jackpot of 200,000 coins.

The Price Check bonus is initiated when three animated cash register symbols anywhere on reels one, three, and five. The slot player chooses one of the 3 cash register to determine the number of items to pick in the bonus round. Twelve items are displayed in the hardware store and the slot player chooses from three to five items, which are scanned by the friendly employee. As they are scanned, each item reveals either a credit award or a multiplier; however, sometimes items fail to scan. When this happens, the cashier shouts for a “price check,” and store employees holler back credit amounts – the highest of which the player gets to keep! After all the items have been “rung up,” the bonus screen displays a receipt showing the total award amount multiplied by any multipliers discovered during the bonus round.

Comical “fix it” antics will have you cracking a smile when three or more Handyman symbols land anywhere on the reels on a played payline. Select one, two, or three of the hard-working Handyman symbols to reveal bonus wins while four animated “jack of all trades” encounters hilarious hazards. The hammersmashed, throbbing red thumb symbol is wild with animated tool and hardware reel symbols on played paylines; five of the bandaged appendage symbols on a played payline pays a top award that’ll turn the tables on the Jones’s rivalry. Draw out the “ do it yourselfers” with the “hands on fun” of the Price Check game and turn you floor into handyman’s haven – because everyone knows there’s no such thing as “one quick trip down to the hardware store.

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