IGT Savanna Video Slot Machine

IGT Savanna Video Slot Machine

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IGT Savanna Video Slot Machine.  This video slot game is in an IGT AVP (Advance Video PlaIGT Savanna Video Slot Machinetform) Game.

This Game can be played in a Trimline with a 19 inch LCD touchscreen monitor, a G20 with a 20 inch LCD touchscreen monitor and also a G23 with a 23 inch LCD touchscreen monitor.

Trimline - $2300.00

G20 - $2600.00

G23 - $3200.00

To make this an IGT "Winner Choice 1" machine at the same price, you are able to choose 5 additional games in this category (IGT AVP Video Slot Games), for a total of 6 games.

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