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IGT Snow Globes

IGT Snow Globes

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If you, as a video slot player love animation, then the IGT I-Plus Snow Globes, is just your ticket for fun. The cute, animated figures, namely, the snowman, the polar bear, the purple female walrus, and the love-sick penguin love to do their dance antics to the music on screen when the appropriate symbols land on the played pay line in a winning combination. The maximum number of pay lines is twenty and the player can wager up to ten credits per line. The top line win symbol of five Snow Globe symbols will yield 50,000 credits, and remember all line wins are multiplied by the number of credits wagered on each winning line, and all appropriate line symbols must be on a played line and on consecutive video reels, beginning with the far left video reel. The Penguin Globe symbol, along with the Snowman Globe symbol, each yield the same credit values from 1000 down to 5 credits; the Polar Bear Globe symbol and the Female Walrus Globe symbol, both yield the same line credit values. The other symbols in the pay table are the Toboggan, the Fir Tree, the Snow Cone, the Pine Cone, and the Ice Cube. The Snow Globes symbol is wild and substitutes for all of the symbols located on the video symbol pay table aforementioned. To add to the fun, The Dollar Globe symbol is the scatter pay symbol; in effect, five of these symbols will win for the player 100 credits times the total wager, while four symbols will yield 20 credits times the total bet, and finally, three Dollar Globe symbols will give 5 credits times the total wager. With all the animation symbols and other symbols ending on the pay line, along with the scatter pay wins across the video screen, the wins really do add up for the avid slot player in this game!

The first animation bonus round is the ‘Ice Breaker Bonus’ and this fun bonus round is initiated when three Ice Breaker symbols land on video reels, 1, 2, and 3 of any played line. The cute, loveable penguin is love-sick and is trapped within his ice globe prison and the large, red heart reflects his undying love for his girlfriend, the female purple walrus, and he wants desperately to escape from the enclosed ice globe to be with his one true love. In order to escape from his ice globe, you, the player, need to select the proper tools that the penguin can use to free himself and each tool has a numerical value that ranges from 1, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 50 credits multiplied by the initiating bet. Now each tool multiplier values range from 1 times to 10 times the values in the value table. What happens is that the penguin uses the tool that you, the player, have selected for him to use in his escape from his Snow Globe, and upon each selection of each tool, a multiplier is revealed and the total value of credits derived from the multiplier value times the numerical value of each tool will be subtracted from the total credits; it may take several tool choices in order for the penguin to escape to freedom, so it pays to play maximum credits in order for him to break through his Snow Globe prison. The animation is fun to watch as the tool has the affect upon the penguin if he does not succeed at that particular try and if the penguin does escape, he will toast his undying love for the lady walrus upon the iceberg. So with the numerical value of the escape tools not selected, namely, the sum of the unselected values from the Possible Values Table will be in effect, multiplied by the total sum of the initiating lines played, ranging from 10 to 855 times the initiating line wagered. So, one can see that the winning credits do really add up quickly in this bonus round for the player to continue to play with in this game!

The second bonus round of Snow Globes is ‘The Global Warming Bonus’ and this bonus round is initiated when three or more Global Warming symbols are in any position on the reels on the screen; in other words, the more Global Warming symbols displayed, the more free automatic spins the player will receive. In effect, if five symbols are shown in any position, the player will receive anywhere from 10 to 20 free automatic spins; four symbols will give the player the opportunity to win between 8 to 18 free automatic free spins, while three symbols will yield from 5 to 15 free automatic free spins. What happens is that the player will pick a symbol to reveal the number of awarded free spins and each free spin is automatic, using the same numerical bet per line and number of lines as the initiating game play. Additional free spins can be awarded with 3 or more Global Warming symbols in any position in this bonus round during the free automatic spins. The player can conceivably win a grand total of 50 free spins in the Global Warming Bonus Round. There is a special pay table that reflects the melting of the aforementioned symbols. Beginning with the far left video reel, all line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels and all line wins are multiplied by the number of credits wagered on each winning pay line. In effect, all wins are totaled together, which includes all line wins, all bonus wins, and the highest scatter pay wins in the total number of credits paid to the player.

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