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IGT Tailgate Party

IGT Tailgate Party

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For those slot players that enjoy football this video slot game for you. IGT brought the best of both games together in this video slot machine Tailgate Party. This game features symbols on the 5 reels are what one would see at a football game for example, hot dog vendor, clown fan, fan with pennant, lady fan, pretzel French fries, bar-b-que blitz, hot dog, and don’t’ forget the beer and cheerleaders. The top award is, of course, five Tailgate Party symbols land on a payline where the award is 9500 coins.

There are 3 bonus rounds in the Tailgate Party video slot machine. The first one is the Cheerleader bonus in that this is initiated when a Cheerleader symbol in a parallel position for any number of lines played. The pay award is then multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game. The second bonus is the Bar-B-Que Blitz. This is initiated when three, four or five scattered Bar-B-Que symbols are shown on any of the five reels. The Bar-B-Que Blitz bonus screen appears and twelve food items are displayed, each with a hidden pay value. The slot player makes nine selections of the food items and then these nine selections are divided into three groups of three. The highest value of the each of the three groups is added to the bonus meter. The total on the bonus meter is awarded and the bonus ends. All the pay amounts are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game. The third bonus game is the 1st and 10 Bonus round and this occurs when three, four or five Bonus Clipboard symbols are shown on any betted payline. The bonus screen shows a football field where the game play starts on the 20-yard line, 80 yards from the designated goal. Displayed above the field are eight plays from a playbook that has been selected by the game. Up to four downs are played with selected plays from the eight available. The revealed value from each play selected equals the numbers of yards gained on the play. Each yard gained equals one credit added to the bonus meter. Negative yards gained are subtracted from the bonus meter. When 10 or more yards are gained within the four downs, another playbook, corresponding to the number of yards to the goal, is selected by the game and another four downs are awarded. Unknown to the player, the value of the final down that awards a new first down is rounded down so that the total yards gained is a multiple of 5. Each new down will start on a multiple of 5. When the ball is 30 yards or less from the goal and a new first down is not awarded within the first three downs, a field goal must be kicked on the fourth down. When the selected play (kick) of the five available field goal plays is “good”, an additional bonus pay is awarded. When the goal is reached (a touchdown is made) an additional bonus pay is awarded. The bonus ends when less than 10 yards are gained within four downs, a field goal is attempted or a touchdown is made. The amount on the bonus meter is awarded. All pays are multiplied by the number of credits bet on the initiating line. This machine is a must for the avid slot player who would like to play slot machine before the big game begins.

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