IGT Texas Hold'em Heads Up Poker

IGT Texas Hold'em Heads Up Poker

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IGT Texas Hold'em Heads Up Poker game play. Texas Hold’Em is played with one standard 52-card deck. The player and computer opponent are each dealt a two-card hand followed by five community cards. The object of this game, for the player and computer opponent alike, is to make the best five-card poker hand by using any combination from their two-card hand and five community cards. The slot player can win credits even if the play looses to the house by having a jacks or better on the deal, river, or flop according to the paytable on the top screen. 

This game is on an IGT Trimline which has 2 19 inch LCD monitors.  The bottom monitor is a touchscreen.

This Machine is $2300 which includes delivery to you house, set up and demonstration, manual, and a new casino cabinet to set the machine on.


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