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IGT Texas Tea

IGT Texas Tea

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IGT capitalized upon the popular notion that ‘everything is big in Texas’ with a fun I-Plus video slot with the new 039 enhanced deluxe memory computer board called Texas Tea, and this game has all the sights and sounds that can be found in the Lone Star State. The slot player has plenty of symbols to win on and all line wins are multiplied by the total number of credits wagered on any winning line; the greatest line win occurs when five Texas Tea symbols appear on the pay line, namely, 10,000 credits; five Armadillo symbols yield 500 credits, followed by the Texas Tea Air Express, Rich Texas Ted, and Texas Steer symbols which yield 250 credits. The Yellow Rose of Texas symbol, and other vegetation symbols native to Texas are also featured in this game. Texas Ted is the rich oil multimillionaire and he is featured in both bonus games. The first bonus game is the Dividend Bonus when you, the player, get the appropriate Texas Ted symbols on the screen as scatter pays and you are invited to his private plush oil corporate office and that is when he congratulates you as an oil investor and he writes you out a dividend check in credits as your bonus. In effect, this bonus round is initiated when at least three Texas Ted symbols are displayed on the screen so that the scatter wins are multiplied by the total number of credits played, thereby, resulting in the values displayed on the dividend check; the more Texas Ted symbols displayed, the greater the multiplier so that more credits can be won on your oil dividend bonus check.

The second bonus round is earth-shattering, for when 3, 4, or 5 oil derricks are revealed on a played pay line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left video reel, the sound effects are tremendous, for you are experiencing the beginning effects of an oil gusher. Right away, oil is being shot up from the oil derricks on each side of the screen and the entire screen turns black, from top to bottom, like the sight of oil falling back down to the ground. After the screen is entirely black, Texas Ted is there inviting you to play the ‘Texas Tea Big Oil Bonus Round.’ The state of Texas is divided up into nine regions, and in each region, is an oil derrick. The player, in turn, will select a derrick of his choice accordingly, anywhere from three to five derricks, depending on the number of derricks won on the pay line. For instance, if the player has won four oil derricks in consecutive order, starting with the far left video reel, then you, as the player, can select up to four derricks, one in each region, and it is fun listening to the country-western music as the oil starts gushing from each oil derrick from one region at a time, and sometimes, a derrick that had already pumped oil will begin again. Texas Ted is your host and he initiates the bonus round and keeps score for you and you can watch the credits really add up! The player never knows at the time of selection which region has the most oil credits; in other words, the longest oil gushers, but it is fun to watch the animation on the screen as the credits are tallied. In effect, as the individual regions pump oil, each region will give credits that are pre-multiplied by the number of credits wagered by the player on the winning pay line. At the end of the Big Oil Bonus, all credits are then added together for the grand total sum. Texas Ted will either do a square dance jig with his pet armadillo or he will reach into his deep pockets filled with cash and throw dollar bills into the air to celebrate oil gusher wins. Have fun playing Texas Tea with the rich Texas oil multimillionaire, Texas Ted, in this fun, nine-line animated video slot game!

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