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IGT Turkey Shoot

IGT Turkey Shoot

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The slots players will get a real bang out of IGT’s video slot game called The Great Turkey Shoot game. This fun and funny with 5 video reels and 15 paylines in which the slot player can wager up to 20 credits per payline for a total of 300 credits. The slot player could win up to 500,000 credits when the maximum of 300 credits are played and when 5 Turkey Shoot logos land on a payline. This theme has everything they love… endearing reel symbols, two exciting bonus games that feature free spins, bonus multipliers, and interactive action, plus entertaining animation for comic relief. Oh, and BIG jackpots! So take aim with this game and watch the feathers fly! Serve up some down-home entertainment with this wild mix of Pilgrims and pioneers, Thanksgiving festivities, and shooting gallery action, with a refrain of foot-stompin’ fiddle music for good measure. It’s The Great Turkey Shoot game, a good-natured frolic featuring imaginative reels.

Turkey Stuffing Bonus is initiated when a turkey, a dinner plate, and a dinner gong appear together anywhere on the reels on a paid payline. Players will cheer when our bold bird pecks his way free from the reel to gobble up bread, corn, apples and other food symbols that may result from the spin. Hidden credits are revealed as each food item is eaten. When the food is gone, the bonus ends with a satisfied turkey burp, and plenty of credits added to the win meter to satisfy plucky players.

Turkey Target Free Spins Bonus is initiated when three scattered “Turkey Target” symbols stop to¬gether and it’s time for some serious free-spin fun. Our feathered friend awards a gaggle of counter-rotating free spins to get the bonus going. Each free spin uses the same number of lines, and bet per line, as the initiating game. Free spin line wins are multiplied by the line bet, and the free spin multiplier. If a target symbol appears on the third reel, the row of touch-sensitive targets at the top of the screen becomes active. Each target conceals a bonus multiplier or additional free spins. The bonus continues to award multipliers and free spins as long as the free spins hold out, and target symbols continue to stop on the third reel. Catchy music plays throughout the Turkey Target Free Spins bonus. After the final free spin, the comical turkey dances a celebratory jig, and makes classic “turkey” noises sure to evoke smiles. He congratulates the player as bonus credits are added to the meter. Special sound effects enhance the total gaming experi¬ence. The entertainment lasts longer with The Great Turkey Shoot theme, and players will want to stay with the game spin after spin, to get another shot at the whimsical turkey.

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